Diabetes and Travel

Fancy a break? There is no need for diabetes to be a barrier. Whether you are going to the beach, to a foreign city or to the mountains, your diabetes will travel with you. People with diabetes should plan their travel and holidays in advance and seek advice wherever necessary. Diet, exercise and medication are …….(Read More)

Discover Tokyo….A city waiting to be explored

Tokyo is an ultra modern utopia with touches of traditional Japanese culture – a city waiting to be explored. The food scene is nothing short of outstanding, with moreish bites on every street corner. Highlights A traditional onsen experience involves bathing in a natural hot spring bath. Due to all the volcanic activity, Japan has …….(Read More)

School Holiday’s Specials !

Check out your favorite destination below and you’ll see what’s still available for the holidays You’ve worked hard in Winter, now play hard in Summer. Here are some of the top Summer destinations  Don’t Delay!  COMPARE, BOOK & FLY

Visit Reunion – Ooh La La – 10 Reasons Why!!

If lazing about on a white sandy Beach sounds like your idea of a perfect holiday, then Reunion is not for you, However if you are an Adrenalin junkie, love adventure or enjoy hiking beautiful landscapes, then put reunion on the top of your bucket list ! L`ile intense is the nickname for this Pandora’s …….(Read More)

Making your Holiday a Huge Success

For Months in advance, we dream about the fantastic holiday that we are about to Plan, we look forward to it and we try to hurry it along. But we all know that sometimes it can run less smoothly than we have dreamed about, and it leaves us with great disappointment. Today I have put …….(Read More)

20 Best Countries To Visit

20 best countries to add to your bucket list. Experience a holiday of a lifetime With so much to see and do….. 20. Morocco Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. Marrakesh’s Medina, a maze like medieval quarter, offers entertainment …….(Read More)

A No Chow Zone !! In Florence

Florence – Italy To ban Eating on Pavements. Tourists could face up to a 9K in fines. Local shop-keepers and restaurants in the vicinity of the increasing popular Florence, sandwich shop, All’ Antico Vinaio, is fed up with tourists eating on their doorsteps, in their doorways and pavements situated in front of their establishments. Sitting …….(Read More)


Sun City is One Of  South Africa’s Premier Destinations As a child my parents would occasionally pack my Brother, Sister and I in the car and head Northwest from Johannesburg to what was then called Bophuthatswana, for Sol Kertzner’s pleasure trove of Sun City. In those days the resort targeted Sin starved Adults, who flocked …….(Read More)

Some Travel Tips and Guidelines

Hello Again, There is always huge excitement in your household when travelling abroad, I have put together a list to help you with the information that you may need before you travel. This is just a guideline so please check with your travel agent.Document Checklist Have you booked all your travel requirements : Flights, transfers, …….(Read More)